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Grateful you’re here!
Classic Gemini ~ I’ve woven my passions and career into one big colorful expression of self. 
Somatic Healing • Dance • Herbalism • Craft 
My work explores Somatic Healing & Movement Therapy. Working with folks looking to deeply reconnect with their body, their spirit, and feel guided on their path to embodiment.

Born in Istanbul, and currently holding space in person and virtually in between LA, Kauai, and Istanbul. With years of training in dance, movement has always been my medicine; a powerful tool to release trauma and stagnant energy within the body. Movement connects me with my ancestors, my community, and folks all around the world. 

Growing up in a culture that had endless stigma around “trauma” and “healing,” I noticed the moment a Darbuka or tambourine started echoing the heartbeat, everyone was able to tap into the vibration. Movement was my way in. Bringing this work to the Middle East opened my heart. No matter the background, history, or relationship to “healing” everyone was able to relate to the joyful sensations and freedom that came into the body after dancing.

Researching different Culturally Sensitive practices, studying with pioneers in Dance Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Trauma-Informed healing has brought me deeper into this work. 

...more info around my relationship to herbalism, my ancestors, and my crafting practice coming soon!


Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine

Fall 2021

Body-oriented approach to Trauma and Stress Disorders 


Trauma Conference

The Body Keeps the Score with Bessel Van de Kolk

Spring 2021

Incorporating EMDR, Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, and Sensory Integration in Trauma Healing 


Crossing Point Arts

Winter 2019

Training for Teaching Artists working with Survivors of Human Trafficking


Bent on Learning

Fall 2018

Children’s Yoga, Breath, Mindfulness Teacher Training and Trauma-informed Yoga for Children Training


Gibney Institute for Community Action

Spring 2018

Training for Artists, Activists, and Professionals looking to mobilize the Arts (Dance) as a vehicle for Social Change.


Exhale to Inhale

Spring 2018

New York, New York

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training


Gaia Yoga Shala

Summer 2016 - Fall 2016

Koh Phangan, Thailand

200 hr Yoga Alignment and 300 hr Yoga Therapy Training


Kidding Around Yoga

Spring 2014

New York, New York

Children’s Yoga, Breath, Mindful Movement Teacher Training


The New School for Liberal Arts, Eugene Lang College 

Fall 2011 - Spring 2015

New York, New York  

Undergraduate Dance & Psychology 

Thesis in Culturally Sensitive Movement Therapy

Concentration in Dance Therapy & Education from The New School of Continuing Education (Fall 2011-Spring 2015)


Trauma - Informed Facilitation Trainer & Space Holder

Winter 2017 - present


  • Organizing & Leading Trainings for over 800 participants worldwide in Trauma Informed Facilitation. Through the exploration of Trauma- Sensitive space holding techniques, Somatic Healing Practices, Mindfulness, Breathing, and Meditation techniques to create an experiential training.

  • Creating custom trainings and workshops for different Non-profits, Collectives, Corporations, &  Universities looking to create a safer environment. 


Charlie Health - Integrative Therapist Spring 2023 - present

  • Facilitating Group Integrative therapy sessions with IOP clients ages 11-30. Incorporating Mindfulness, Somatic Healing Practices,  Contemplative practices, Meditation, Yoga, Breath-work, and CFT Curriculum.


Columbia University - Columbia Health - Sexual Violence Response Operations Summer 2020 - present // New York, New York

  • Trauma-informed Movement, Yoga, and Art Facilitator for undergraduate & graduate students through Columbia Health 


Crossing Point Arts - Communications Lead, Mentorship Supervisor, Trauma-Informed Teacher Trainer, and Teaching Artist

Winter 2019 - present

  • Training Teaching Artists, and Supervising Mentorship program in bringing Trauma-informed arts to survivors of Human Trafficking. 

  • Communications Lead main duties also include creating engaging content, Mailchimp campaigns,  management of mailing list, new partner outreach emails, and fundraiser support.


Exhale to Inhale Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher

Spring 2018-present // New York, New York

  • Teaching trauma informed yoga classes at women’s shelters, nonprofits, and rehabilitation centers throughout NYC

  • Facilitating Corporate Trauma Informed Classes (Chobani, HerJustice)


LEAP (Learning through an Expanded Arts Program) Lead Teaching artist

Spring 2018 - present // New York, New York

  • Creative Movement, Yoga, Breath part time teacher at different schools in Bronx, Queens, Harlem, and Brooklyn

  • Providing workshops & trainings for teachers & parents in positive communication, trauma sensitivity, cultural sensitivity, and mindfulness for the classroom and home

  • Professional Development Trainings for Public School Teachers & LEAP Teaching Artists in Trauma Informed Educating & Mindfulnes

Center For Discovery- Mindful Movement Teacher (Winter 2019- Fall 2019) Southport, Connecticut

  • Facilitating Mindful Movement/Yoga classes at residential Young-Adult Eating Disorder Recovery Center

Concern Worldwide (Summer 2017- Winter 2018) Şanlıurfa, Turkey & Tel Abyad, Syria

  • Movement is Free Project: Training Syrian & Turkish school teachers to change the classroom environment & communication with the students using mindfulness, children's yoga, breathing techniques, empowering movement games around the Turkish/ Syrian border. 

BoMoVu Team Member (Fall 2016- Winter 2018) Istanbul, Turkey

  • Trauma- Informed Movement/ Yoga/ Breath teacher to Syrian children and women in different centers & shelters around İstanbul  

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